Magic happens when you do
not give up


“Working out with Katy makes me feel strong physically and mentally. Love her training program because I am being pushed, but not to the point of injury. Katy keeps the workouts fun, interesting and real, she’s the BEST!”


“I met Katy a few years ago on an international running trip. I immediately knew that I wanted to spend more time with her. She has an energy that makes you feel like you have known each other for years. I have such a hard time committing to a set workout schedule weekly, but I feel comfortable, challenged, and motivated to be my best self with Katy! It’s the best 60 minutes of my day, it’s work, but always with smiles, amazing music and motivation.”


“Since day one, Katy has been my cheerleader in personal training and through spin instruction. She has helped me to find ‘Me’ again, which I could not be more thankful for. Katy’s personal fitness style allowed her to meet me at a stressful point in my life, where I just needed to learn to be confident, and over the past 12 months has transformed my body and mentality further than I expected. Typically at this point, people decide they can maintain and drift away, but she has encouraged me so much, I am excited to see where she takes me next. Katy has instilled a passion in me to strive for a fit, healthy body, and has redirected my false ideas of being ‘skinny’, with seeing how strong I am and to be happy with ‘ME’!”


“I’ll be honest, I wanted to train with Katy because I wanted to look like her! Shortly after I started, she taught me that fitness is much more than that. It’s about strength, confidence and continuous growth. She pushes me to new limits everyday… both mentally and physically. I leave her gym thinking “wow, I didn’t think I could do that.” Her energy and passion for her work and clients is inspiring. I LOVE Katy!!!”


“From the instant I met Katy, I adored her strength and beauty – inside and out – and her infectious energy and smile. I have been working out with her, twice a week, for nearly 8 months, and I have never felt more “in tune” with my body. She pushes me to want to work harder on even my worst days, but she does so in a way that makes me feel physically and mentally supported.

With her training, I was able to get ready for my wedding and feel more beautiful and confident than I could have ever imagined. There was absolutely zero crash dieting or stress that went into it – just tried and true methods and her constant guidance. Now, as I move towards starting a family of my own, I have continued to focus on building a healthy and happy body for children.

Katy keeps it simple and “smart” by encouraging consistency above all else. For both my body and my soul, I can’t begin to tell you how much she has helped me accomplish, and I would encourage absolutely anyone to get on her schedule!”


“I initially met Katy as one of her avid spin followers. Her energy, great taste in music and focus on form kept me coming back for more. In trying to inspire my husband to return to exercise (after a decade+ hiatus), I knew Katy was the perfect person to do it. After taking just one of her spin classes, he too, was hooked. Now, we both work out with Katy at PE as well. She has taken our fitness to the next level and I, forever grateful. We consider her a guru, confident and friend.”