You did not
wake up today to
be mediocre

Katy Leigh

PE Fitness owner, Founder, Trainer

I am a 5th generation local Austinite with over ten years of experience personal training. This is my first personal training studio, but I have led bootcamps, coached CrossFit, started a gym with group classes and also taught spin. I love personal training because of the connection I have with my clients. The one on one setting allows for a more individualized program and accountability. I am lucky to call my clients some of my closest friends!

I am also a residential real estate broker with my fourth generation family business, West Austin Properties. I love any opportunity that allows me to help other people get through life. From fitness, to finding a new home, I love facilitating major life transitions. I also have a two year old son, Conger Lee, who keeps me moving on a daily basis! Becoming a parent has really opened my eyes and shown me how important self care really is. He motivates me to be the best version of myself so I can best show up for him. He is my greatest accomplishment!

I first saw the value in personal training from the young age of 11. I was always very athletic, and my middle school trainer at St. Stephens told my parents how important it was for me to start building lean muscle mass to keep me injury free. I used to spend my weekends one on one with our strength and conditioning coach and it put me so far ahead of the other kids. Not only was it keeping me from getting injured, it was also giving me confidence, teaching me how to listen to my body, and gave me self love during a time most people start to criticize their body. I learned the more I stayed healthy physically, the happier I was mentally. From then on fitness because a non-negotiable in my life. I have had, and still have, (for over twenty years!) a personal trainer to keep me accountable, motivated, injury free and strong!!

Megan Knight


My love for fitness was sparked during my time as a D1 swimmer at Maris College while getting my bachelor’s degree in Fashion Merchandising. The passion I felt for fitness was stronger than my love for fashion so I quit my fashion career and moved to Austin to follow my path in fitness. It’s been an amazing ride so far and I have never looked back. In Austin, I joined the team at Love Cycling Studio as a spin instructor and added kickboxing to my repertoire in 2017.

While my fitness career was taking off, my struggles with overcoming an eating disorder gave me a different perspective of the benefits of working out and staying fit. Fitness helped me regain my confidence – not just physically but mentally as well. I started sharing my story and to my surprise, realized I was not alone.

After realizing the impact group fitness can have on a person, I wanted more and decided to take my education to the next level by pursuing my personal trainer certification to be able to reach clients on a personal level. The most rewarding part of this job and what keeps me wanting to learn and teach, is watching clients become stronger, healthier, and more confident. I know what it’s like to struggle with self-worth, confidence, and body image. I also know we all hold the power to change our bodies, and minds. I have made it my life mission to empower others through sweat. You’ll soon find out that a good attitude, confidence and energy
are contagious.

When I’m not training, kickboxing, or spinning I enjoy music festivals, EDM shows, and hanging out with my friends and family.